Ile kosztują domy drewniane?

How much do wooden houses cost?

How much do wooden houses cost? Wooden houses made of glued timber are becoming more and more popular. No wonder, because they can be built very quickly. In addition, if they are made of good materials, there is a good chance that they will last.

However, before we decide to build a wooden house, it is worth considering what the house is supposed to look like. You can choose both a one-story hbe house and a two-story house. There is also no person who is not interested in the cost estimate of a wooden house. Fortunately, building a wooden house is not associated with very high costs, which is why many people can afford it.

Why is a wooden house a good option?

A house made of glued timber has a chance to gain many supporters. This is for really different reasons. First of all, it is worth noting that the cost of building a wooden house is not as high as the cost of building a brick house. In addition, the construction of wooden housestakes much less time than building a brick house. You should also be aware that wooden houses are very fashionable. Of course, functionality is the most important thing, but the attractive appearance of the apartment makes us want to live in it more. It must be admitted that houses made of wood look best in villages. However, we can also opt for this when we live on the outskirts of the city. A wooden house in the very center of the city may not go well with the rest of the buildings. Houses made of wood, however, are most recommended to people who have their own plot near the forest or in the field. Some people build wooden houses and decide to rent them later. However, many people choose to live in a wooden house. This is a very good idea for people who appreciate nature-compliant solutions.

What is important when building a wooden house?

To HBE houseslooked impeccable, you should pay attention to many different criteria during their construction. The most important thing is to have a good design. No construction will start without it. The project should be prepared by a person who knows about it. It would be best to look for a qualified, but also experienced person. It is also extremely important to carefully choose the team that will take care of the construction of the house. Building a wooden house can be more or less complicated. Much depends on the already mentioned project. The more complicated it is, the more likely it will be. The simplest to build are, of course, one-story houses. However, if we dream of a two-story house, then let’s decide on such a solution. It would also be perfect to look for the right construction team.

Qualified and experienced builders are certainly able to help you build a house that you will be satisfied with. It would be great to read opinions about individual professionals. The greater the number of positive opinions, the greater the probability that we will be able to find professionals with whom we will be satisfied. It would be best to avoid using the services of a construction crew that has a lot of negative customer reviews. The key to success is proper insulation of the building. In the case of wooden houses, it is important to remember to apply a finishing layer on the outside. Plaster works perfectly in this role, although it is absolutely not a rule.

How high are the costs and what do they depend on?

Construction of wooden housesgenerates costs and you should be prepared for it. However, it can be immediately noted that they will be lower than in the case of brick houses. It should be noted, however, that answering this question is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. A lot depends on the size of the house. If we dream of a really substantial wooden house, the costs will be quite high. However, if a small wooden house is enough for us, the costs will be lower. In addition, each construction team has a slightly different price list. We can usually get acquainted with the price lists of individual construction companies via websites.

Usually, the websites contain information about the scope of services offered by a given company. Of course, we will also find the price list mentioned there. The costs also depend on the area, on which the house is built. You also have to take into account the cost of running water and electricity. A suitable driveway should also be prepared. As a rule, however, we will pay about PLN 2,000 per square meter of a wooden house. It should be remembered that the price of a wooden house also depends on the type of wood. The higher the quality of the wood, the higher the price for its construction, of course. It would be worth considering what kind of wood we want our house to be made of. It is not worth looking for the cheapest solutions at all costs. The most important thing is that the price is commensurate with the quality. Then the probability that we will be satisfied with the house we choose is really very high.


Ile BLG powinno mieć wino?

How much BLG should wine have?

How much BLG should wine have? – BLG is an important indicator. It helps us control the fermentation of wine and classify the wine. How much blg should wine have?

BG – what is it?

Blg is an abbreviation for a value called the Balling Scale. The name comes from the name of the researcher who developed this scale. It took place in 1843 in Prague, and the researcher was Carl Balling working at the local Polytechnic.
We can find both Blg and Blg with a circle denoting a degree (as with the Celsius temperature scale), or just B. Thanks to this scale, we can determine and provide information on the sugar content in a given solution – in this case, in wine.
The scale applies to liquids at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, at a standard pressure of 1013 hPa. It describes the percentage weight of sugar per kilogram of liquid. What does it mean? That if the wine has 5 Blg, then there will be 50 g of sugar per kilogram of the drink. Similarly – with 10 Blg, the amount of sugar will be 100g.

How to measure the Blg of wine?

The sugar content of wine affects its density, hence the device that determines the sugar content in the drink is often called a densimeter. Currently, there are various versions of this type of device on the market. You can even buy digital densimeters that subject the drink sample to a detailed analysis, taking into account not only Blg, but also, for example, alcohol content.


Much cheaper, however, are traditional handheld densimeters, also commonly known as sugar meters, wine meters or aerometers. They usually consist of two parts – a test tube and a float. It is on the float that the Blg density scale is applied.


To check Blg with such a winemeter, first take a sample of the fluid using a test tube. Importantly, it must be the purest liquid possible. It should not contain any solid elements, such as fruit particles. Air bubbles can also distort the measurement, so our sample should not contain them. We introduce such an amount of liquid into the wine gauge that the float can float freely in it. At this stage, it should not touch any of the walls of the test tube, nor of course its bottom. The upper surface of the liquid determines the place on the Blg scale, which is occupied by our drink at the moment. Just check how high the wine reaches and read the corresponding value on the scale. For ease of use, this scale is usually additionally marked with colors. The most common will be: pink or red, yellow and green.

How much Blg should wine have?

The density of the liquor varies depending on the stage of its fermentation. Therefore, the winemeter is a very convenient tool to check whether the fermentation is proceeding properly, i.e. nothing prevents our drink from maturing in the demijohn.

Before fermentation

In fact, the first measurement of wine density is made before fermentation begins. We do this after squeezing the juice and cleaning it from fruit particles. If sugar is added to the wine before fermentation, it also needs to be done before measuring. It is assumed that before starting work in the demijohn, the density of the liquor should not exceed 22 Blg. On the scale, this value will usually be marked in pink or red,

During fermentation

When the wine is fermenting, we often drive the process further by adding more sugar. This is when the wine meter comes in handy again. When adding sugar, make sure that the indications of the device do not show a density higher than 16 Blg. Usually this will be the part of the scale that is marked in yellow.

After fermentation

How much Blg a wine should have after fermentation is largely dependent on what kind of wine we strive for. Most often it will be a dry or semi-sweet wine. Then the pointer should be within the green area of ​​the scale.

How many Blg do which wines have?

Accurate measurement of Blg makes it possible to determine what kind of wine we are dealing with. The classification we commonly use for this type of liquor has been regulated by law. We can check the values ​​corresponding to a given type of wine in the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of May 22, 2013. It concerns the types of fermented wine beverages and their classification.
Dry drinks according to this regulation should have less than 10 Blg. Up to 30 Blg per liter are semi-dry wines. Semi-sweet wines will have 30 to 60 Blg. Above 60 Blg, only sweet wines are distinguished.

How to convert Blg to alcohol?

However, the Blg scale is useful not only for checking the density of wine and supervising the course of fermentation of our drink. Thanks to such measurements, we can also check the strength of the wine, i.e. simply how much alcohol the drink contains. To calculate the percentage of alcohol we must first check the density of the wine in Blg at the beginning and at the end of fermentation, preferably with a winemeter. Substitute this value into the appropriate formula to calculate the alcohol strength.
The first step is to calculate the difference between the start and end Blg. If the wine was 22 Blg at the beginning and 2 Blg at the end, the difference is 20 Blg. This value is then divided by 2. In our example, 20 Blg divided in half equals 10 Blg. This is the approximate alcohol content of the drink. So it will be around 10%.

Hurtownia podologiczna to wygoda, komfort i oszczędności

A podiatry wholesaler means convenience, comfort and savings

A podiatry wholesaler means convenience, comfort and savings – safety and the best possible results of treatment are largely ensured by the knowledge and experience of the podiatrist performing the procedure, but also partly by the selection of appropriate, professional, good quality tools. To be able to perform services at the highest possible level, you simply need a well-equipped office.

The Kerpro podiatry wholesaler will help in the comprehensive supply of the podiatry office. In the podiatric warehouse you will find professional and comprehensive tools and products intended for use primarily in podiatry and beauty salons. Bearing in mind the expectations of the market, we have also launched an offer for retail customers who want to care for their feet and hands at home. Shopping at the Kerpro podology wholesaler can be done on our website.

Why is it worth buying in our podiatry warehouse?

The podiatry wholesaler enjoys unflagging popularity, especially that podiatry in Poland has been experiencing a real boom for some time. The wholesaler has a number of advantages that make it a great place to shop both for podologists running their offices and for individual customers who want to take care of their skin and nails at home.

A large selection of assortment

The Kerpro podology wholesaler has a wide selection of various tools, accessories and cosmetics from the lower and higher price range. We offer a wide range of specialized foot products from proven brands such as Podopharm, Pedibaehr, ProntoMed and Asepta. You can buy everything you need to take care of your feet comprehensively – from specialized tools such as clippers, through cosmetics for the skin and nails, to elements of podiatry equipment, such as a podiatry chair or milling machine.

Proven products

New products are constantly entering the podiatry market. We make every effort to ensure that our podiatry warehouse offers only the best solutions that translate into improved health and well-being. Before a preparation, cosmetic or tool is added to our offer, it is first tested in numerous offices in Poland. Only when it passes a series of tests, we can offer it to you with a clear conscience.

Attractive prices

As a wholesaler of podology products, we are able to offer our customers more attractive prices than ordinary stores or drugstores. The reason for this is primarily specialization in a specific industry. Therefore, you will not only comprehensively equip your office or complete a set for foot and hand care at home, but you will also save a lot.

Everything in one place

The big advantage of shopping at a podiatry wholesaler is that in fact everything that is necessary in the work of a podiatrist can be found in one place. You don’t have to visit dozens of stationary and online stores in search of equipment. Here you will find everything you need, and by the way you will often be able to choose between dozens of proposals for a given product from different manufacturers.

Help in choosing

We want to help our clients on various levels. Therefore, if you are not sure what you really need or which product to choose, you can always contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with advice and tips on the selection of podological equipment and cosmetics. One phone call or a visit to a Kerpro store is enough, and our employees will share their many years of experience and knowledge with you, providing you with reliable and professional advice.

Kerpro podology wholesaler – offer

There are various categories of podology products available in the podology wholesaler’s offer. A list of all of them, along with a short description of what is hidden under their names, can be found below.

Foot cosmetics

We offer a wide selection of foot cosmetics that can be used both during each podiatric treatment and independently at home. Specialist cosmetics for feet is a very wide range of preparations, which is why we constantly follow the novelties appearing on the market, test them and include only products worth recommending. Among the foot cosmetics you will find suggestions:

      • for dry, normal and sweaty skin,
      • for diabetics,
      • footwear preparations.

Cosmetics for hands and nails

Work and daily activities cause the condition of the skin to deteriorate – it begins to crack and turn red, in addition it hurts, burns and itches. The same thing happens in the fall and winter. That is why hands need proper care, because their good condition is not only an aesthetic matter. In the Kerpro podology wholesaler you will find a wide selection of hand and nail care cosmetics, including:

      • hand creams,
      • foam hand creams,
      • nail preparations.

Body cosmetics

Not only the skin of the feet and hands requires specialized care, but also the skin of the whole body. Therefore, the Kerpro warehouse also has a separate section with this type of cosmetics. We offer cosmetics with a wide spectrum of action, intended for various skin types. In the body cosmetics category you will find:

      • creams and foams,
      • peelings,
      • bath salts,
      • bath lotions.


Maintaining proper hygiene is extremely important in any situation where the continuity of the epidermis is broken. Then the risk of wound infection with pathogenic microorganisms increases, which poses a threat to the health of the whole organism. It is worth remembering about this and using only disinfected or sterilized tools that guarantee full safety. In addition, it is important to remember how important it is to follow basic health and safety rules at work. To protect yourself from a potential threat, you need to equip yourself with protective equipment. In the podology wholesaler you can buy:

      • hand disinfection gels,
      • one time gloves,
      • protective masks,
      • glasses and visors,
      • plasters and dressings.


Orthoses are used in the therapy and prevention of deformities occurring within the toes or entire feet. They are durable, made of high-quality material and perfectly matched to the foot, which are worn to relieve deformed places and improve their condition. Deformity can occur in anyone at any stage of life. Each of them greatly hinders life and free movement. Deformation should not be underestimated. For their treatment, you can use the relief available in our assortment:

      • finger relief,
      • relief for bunions,
      • foot relief,
      • boards and tubes.


A variety of podiatry procedures are performed in the podiatry office. One of them is a podological pedicure, i.e. a cosmetic treatment to which the toenails are subjected. Its purpose is to clean and shorten the nail plate, remove the cuticles and clean the periungual folds. Special tools are used during the procedure. All of them can be found in our warehouse, including:

      • nail pliers,
      • Cuticle Nippers,
      • probes,
      • tweezers,
      • files and knurls,
      • tool accessories.


At Kerpro you will find a wide selection of podology cutters, including cutters for:

      • for nails,
      • for cuticles,
      • for manicure,
      • for pedicures,
      • to the hybrid,
      • for gel and acrylic,
      • for shortening nails,
      • for smoothing nails,
      • for diabetics,
      • cutter sets and accessories.

Cabinet equipment

The last category in the Kerpro podology wholesaler is office equipment, under the name of which there are all the equipment necessary to work in the office:

      • treatment products,
      • sterilization and disinfection,
      • podiatry milling machines,
      • podology chairs,
      • podology chairs,
      • podology cabinets,
      • podology lamps,
      • ultrasonic cleaners,
      • steam autoclaves.

If you are just at the stage of equipping your new office, you’ve come to the right place. As you can see, in our podiatry warehouse you will find everything you need to fully equip your workplace and start your business. Enjoy your shopping.

Historia sukienek koronkowych

The history of lace dresses

The history of lace dresses – in the 19th-century popular science publications, the story of Arachne, a Greek princess, often appeared. She was a skilled lace maker. She competed for the title of the best lace maker with the goddess Athena herself – the patron of all women’s crafts. The competition was to show who is the real master of handicraft. Some researchers believe that products that can be described as lace already existed in ancient Egypt.

In the tombs there, fabrics were found that can be treated as a kind of specific woven, resembling mesh lace forms. It is known that in Byzantium, luxurious openwork fabrics were popular, created by extruding fibers. However, it was not lace, although it looked very similar.

Where are the laces from?

In the Middle Ages, the English “opus araneum”, or “work of a spider”, was especially valued. It was a delicate fabric produced in nunneries in the British Isles. They were supposed to resemble fog or a spider’s web. It was probably then that the hemstitch appeared, which can be interpreted as opus araneum, although it is not lace itself. Perhaps even then young women sewed lace dresses for themselves. In the Middle Ages, fabrics with cut-out patterns depicting geometric or floral motifs were also popular. Properly cut holes were sewn so as not to fray. Very often, this type of fabric was applied to dresses with a contrasting color in order to emphasize the decorative motif. However, when it comes to a certain source about lace and its everyday functioning, it was the first information to appear in the inventory of sisters Angela and Hipolita Sforza. A document from 1493 mentions a “tape made of twelve blocks to hem a shirt” worn as underwear or undergarments, over which day or festive clothing was put on. So lace many years ago had many uses. Not only lace dresses were sewn from it, but also underwear and other items of clothing.

A great fan of lace – Elizabeth I

She is definitely one of the historical figures commonly associated with the lace ruff, although it was not an English invention. Elizabeth I is an exceptional monarch, not only an efficient ruler, but also a brilliant politician. The queen was able to consciously use the then fashion to strengthen her power. Through carefully selected clothes, she communicated various types of information that were to be properly read by the subjects, the court, ambassadors and rulers of other countries. Among them, there was certainly no shortage of lace dresses. In her case, the outfit was not just decoration, it wasn’t just about extravagance and the desire to stand out. Properly selected outfit gave her seriousness and respect among her subjects. This was especially important in post-Reformation England, where the Queen, as the head of the Anglican Church, she was automatically its symbol and acquired, in the opinion of her subjects, “divine” features. The monarch’s dress was treated as a visual manifestation of this “divinity”.

Elizabeth wore lacy, extravagant ruffs, elaborate cuffs, which in practice were very uncomfortable and often required many hours of preparation. The lace details of the outfit had to be properly arranged, ironed, some elements sewn on and secured so that they would not fall off during the ceremony. All these stiffened laces weighed a lot and hampered movement. The unnatural posture of the queen resulting from the burden of the outfit affected the viewers. Properly arranged laces created a kind of fog, an aura, adding “divinity” to the monarch. The clothes necessarily made the queen unreal and at the same time very effectively strengthened the belief in the power of her majesty among her subjects. Lace in those days was already elegant and very extravagant. Thus, already in the Middle Ages, lace dresses settled at the royal court for good.

How did courtiers dress?

The attire of members of the court and wealthy townspeople copying the aristocracy featured spectacular lace ruffles, openwork inserts and mock-ups worn by both women and men. Historical portraits show that even lace pompoms on shoes were popular in men’s fashion. At the same time, in many countries there were bans on excessively dazzling with wealth, which was intended to strengthen native workshops and manufactures. Although lace dresses were the most popular in the richest circles, girls from poorer families also weaved lace dresses to please others. Even if they couldn’t afford expensive fabric, lace inserts were also very desirable.

Although there was no shortage of lace dresses at the royal court, not very wealthy ladies could sometimes think of beautiful creations. This is unthinkable today. Almost every woman has a lace beauty in her wardrobe. There are plenty of designs and styles to choose from. Every woman will find something for herself, regardless of taste. It is important to choose it according to your figure and taste.

Gabinet podologiczny Warszawa

Podiatry office Warsaw

Foot and nail problems should not be treated as something to be ashamed of. You can get rid of these ailments, just like any other, by using the help of a specialist. Foot care and treatment is provided by professionals from the podiatry office in Warsaw. Podiatry is a constantly evolving field that offers more and more modern and effective methods of treatment. Thanks to the help of a foot specialist, you can take care of their impeccable appearance and health.

What does the podiatry office in Warsaw do?

The office offers its patients accurate diagnosis and treatment of foot and nail diseases. This place specializes in issues such as: screwing nails, ingrown toenails, removal of calluses and calluses, treatment of hyperhidrosis, diabetic foot care, cracked heels, therapeutic pedicure, removal of viral warts, reconstruction of the nail plate. The podological office deals with specialist treatments and podological consultations. To be able to make an accurate diagnosis, podiatrist often consults specialists in other fields.

Podology office in Warsaw – frequently performed treatments

Diabetic foot syndrome

In the diabetic foot, there are many degenerative changes in the skin area. The symptom of this ailment is thin, dry and cool skin with a pale-blue shade. In addition, the changes also affect the nails. Their growth is disturbed, they become deformed and thickened. People struggling with diabetes are more prone to ingrown nails, which is associated with disorders of the anatomical structure of the nail plate. In places of strong pressure, calluses form, which results in excessive keratinization of the skin. It is extremely important to take proper care of the lesions, otherwise dangerous ulcerations may occur.

Removal of calluses

Models are thickened and yellow skin lesions that differ significantly from healthy areas. They form on the soles of the feet through friction and pressure, as well as inadequate care. The cause of their formation are also slight foot deformities or genetic tendencies. Calluses affect even very young people, including children. A specialist from the pogological office removes them with a scalpel or by using appropriate cutters. At the very end of the treatment, he uses moisturizing agents that will increase skin elasticity. Calluses are a recurring problem, in order to counteract it, you should use special insoles and take care of proper foot care.


Corns are usually caused by excessive, point pressure. However, many different types are known. Once a specialist has made a diagnosis, they usually remove the lesions using specialized tools, such as a scalpel or chisel. Sometimes it is necessary to put on a special relief dressing. The procedure is painless as it is performed under local anesthesia. The specialist may recommend the patient to wear appropriate insoles, orthoses or supports to prevent the recurrence of corns.

Ingrown nails

The cause of ingrown toenails is improperly selected footwear, pathological changes, improper trimming of nails, mechanical injury or congenital ailment. This disorder can appear already in childhood. If ingrown nails are left untreated, the soft tissue is damaged and inflammation develops. In a podiatry office in Warsaw, ingrown nails are treated by placing an orthonyx brace.

Cracked heels

There are many causes of dry and cracked heels. Sometimes metabolic and auto-aggressive diseases are responsible for their poor condition. The specialist selects the appropriate treatment, taking into account the depth and degree of cracks. The subologist gets rid of calloused skin using a scalpel, chisel or appropriate means. Sometimes a dressing is applied after the procedure.

Nail reconstruction

A significant loss of the nail plate due to a fungal disease of the nail or a trauma needs to be supplemented. Thanks to this procedure, the nails look more aesthetically pleasing. In the podiatry office in Warsaw, specialists use acrylic or gel with antibacterial and antifungal properties for this purpose.

Finger and foot deformities

Deformities can form already in childhood and many factors lead to them. Gabineu patients suffer from common foot deformities, such as valgus, heel spur, hallux valgus or varus, which can be prevented through foot gymnastics, well-chosen insoles, orthoses, or podiatric taping.

Healing pedicure

Not only people with various ailments can report to the podiatry office. Prevention is also important, thanks to which the feet will be healthy and well-groomed. A podiatrist advises his patients on foot hygiene and care. It will also help in choosing the right care cosmetics and shoe inserts. If you are concerned about the appearance and health of your feet, or if you want to perform a professional pedicure, you can do it in the podiatry office. A team of professionals with many years of experience is able to advise people with many different problems.

Fundacja - jaka księgowość?

Foundation – what accounting?

Foundation – what accounting? In certain situations, we may want to set up a foundation – then the question arises – what kind of accounting should we choose?

What is a foundation?

Before we move on to matters such as keeping full accounting , we must answer the question: what exactly is a foundation? It is a legal form of non-governmental organization. Right after associations, foundations are the second most popular form of this type of organization. Its essential element is capital. It must, by definition, be dedicated to the achievement of a specific goal. What this goal is and on what principles it is implemented is specified in the statutes of a given foundation. It is also important that the foundation has no members. Its creator decides about its operation and disposal of financial capital. This is why a foundation is a more independent form of organization than, for example, an association or corporation.

Where does the name of the foundation come from?

Foundation – the name of this organization refers directly to its assumptions. Its etymology refers to words from the Latin language, although we do not know which ones exactly. The most likely are:

  • fundus – meaning land, or estate or property,
  • fundatio – meaning foundation,
  • fundare – meaning to be strengthened or fixed.

Regardless of which of these words the modern word foundation comes from, they all beautifully emphasize the purpose and importance of this type of organization.

Where did the idea for foundations come from?

Foundations had been established earlier in other parts of the world, but regulations concerning them were not introduced in Poland until 1984. It was then that accounting firms for the first time received clear information on how to keep the foundation’s accounts. This is regulated by the Act of 6 April 1944 on foundations and all other related provisions.

What are the types of foundations?

Together with the legal regulations concerning foundations, several types of this type of organization have been distinguished. Foundations can be divided:

  • Due to the succession solutions of family businesses,
  • Due to the way it works,
  • Due to the founder
  • Due to the purpose,
  • Due to the form of actions taken,
  • Due to the recipient
  • Due to the area of ​​activity.

Due to the succession solutions of family businesses – these are usually family foundations that are to enter into Polish law in 2022.

Due to the method of operation – it is about the method of operation that foundations adopt at the time of establishment. We distinguish here foundations that provide services, philanthropic and advocacy.

Due to the founder – with this division, private, corporate and public foundations emerge.

Due to the purpose, we distinguish foundations for public benefit, or for own benefit or for mixed benefit combining the two previous benefits.

Due to the form of undertaken activities, we can distinguish foundations that are grant-making or operational. The activities of the former consist in financing the activities of other organizations, while the latter – in financing their own projects.

Due to the recipient, we distinguish foundations that we call: service, civic or group interest foundations.

Due to the area of ​​activity, as you can easily guess, we can distinguish foundations that are international, national or even local.

The accounting office will help us decide what type of accounting will be appropriate for the type of foundation we want to set up.

Does the foundation need accounting?

Because of course, like any other NGO, they need accounting. The accountant or accountant is tasked with recording absolutely all financial events within the foundation. This ensures transparency as to the principles of its operation and funding. Only in this way can we prove that our foundation operates and raises funds for its purposes in accordance with the law in force in a given country or countries.

Every year, our foundation will also be required to submit the so-called annual financial report, otherwise known as the balance sheet. We cannot afford to skip this duty one year. We always submit the report annually, but we cannot exceed the final date, which is July 10. What does such a report consist of? These are primarily:

      • Foundation’s financial balance,
      • An account listing the foundation’s profits and losses,
      • Additional information.

What is more, if the foundation additionally conducts business activity, the financial statement must be submitted to the National Court Register, i.e. to the National Court Register. If, on the other hand, our foundation belongs to the category of public benefit foundations, the next obligation that applies to us is to place the balance sheet in the online report database. Usually, all these are activities that we are unable to handle on our own. The law is complicated and full of nuances that are best known to professionals, so accounting firms will deal with it best.

Foundation – what accounting?

Such accounting firms   will also help you decide what type of accounting will be best for our foundation. It often differs from the accounting we do with ordinary companies, moreover, it must be part of a foundation-approved accounting system.

Fizjoterapia wad postawy u dzieci

Physiotherapy of postural defects in children

Physiotherapy of posture defects in children and the youngest is an offer for parents who would like to support the healthy development of their child. The proper motor development of the baby should be taken care of at every stage of childhood. Preschool and school age is a period of intensive mental and physical development. 

Today’s sedentary lifestyle, limiting movement in favor of using electronics adversely affects the physical and intellectual development of children. Posture defects, cancer, diabetes, obesity, anorexia, depression, heart disease and reduced or increased muscle tone are the nightmare. Physiotherapy is the right form of help for children who need physical rehabilitation.

Movement – a natural need of a child

The baby should move a lot. Walks, sports, running around the playground, trips have a very good effect on the child’s development. It is not without reason that physiotherapists, doctors and psychologists recommend limiting electronic stimuli, e.g. telephone, computer, television. Channels with cartoons cannot be a free time killer and educators of children. The youngest need fresh air and lots of exercise. With the development of civilization, more and more children at preschool age have problems with the correct body posture and must use physiotherapy.

Common defects in preschoolers and school-aged children are: flat feet and valgus knees. This is another indication for physiotherapy,  during which comprehensive work on muscle strengthening and postural control is carried out. Posture defects are a common problem in children with neurological problems.

Defects of posture in children – civilization disease

Poor posture in the youngest is a civilization disease – preschoolers already have problems. Early school age is usually a deepening of posture defects. Physiotherapy helps in the fight against the “crooked spine” and must be undertaken before the maturation of the skeletal system ends. Correct body posture should be taken care of from the first days of life. Particularly important is the right amount of exercise – frequent visits to the playground and the use of devices designed to play, and at the same time to exercise balance and motor coordination. Pool classes and rehabilitation exercises during physical education and physiotherapy classes are great and very helpful for the skeletal system .During the period of the most intensive growth, it is very important to maintain the correct working posture and teach the child how to sit upright. A professional physiotherapist adjusts the therapy plan to the posture defect, age and capabilities of the little patient.  Physiotherapy in the case of posture defects must be carried out systematically for a long time – 10 treatments and a few exercises are not enough to straighten the spine. The most common posture defect in children is scoliosis, which is caused by the lack of movement and incorrect sitting posture.

How to recognize postural defects?

Detection of posture defects does not require specialized tests or very expensive examinations. The first disturbing changes can be noticed by a vigilant parent. Any asymmetries, e.g. of the pelvis, shoulders, shoulder blades, rounded back, belly strongly pushed forward and protruding butt, hump, inequality of the lower limbs, valgus and varus knees, walking on the outside or inside of the feet, walking on toes, setting the feet inwards, pain in the spine, shoulders, hips and knees, protruding or sunken sternum. If a parent notices any of the irregularities mentioned above, he or she should take the child to a pediatrician, orthopedist or physiotherapist and start physiotherapy. Posture defects can cause pain, negatively affect the figure, and thus the self-esteem of a young person. Over 70% of children in Poland have been diagnosed with posture defects. Heavy school backpacks, sitting in desks for many hours, too short breaks do not help the youngest in the rehabilitation of posture defects. A frequent and unforgivable mistake of parents from the point of view of physiotherapy are dismissals in physical education lessons due to “curvature of the spine”. Every physical activity is recommended because it strengthens the muscles. The cause of posture defects can also be injuries, accidents and prolonged immobilization. In addition to physiotherapyunder the supervision of a specialist, independent exercises at home are necessary. In the treatment of posture defects, regularity is the most important. Physiotherapy offices usually have a prepared offer for children with posture defects and provide a full range of assistance. The youngest patients and their parents will also find help in rehabilitation clinics where treatments are performed and specialists determine a set of exercises for the child.

An old and well-known saying says that prevention is better than cure. In the case of posture defects in children, the best method of prevention is movement. Going out for an hour to the playground, playing football, cycling, long walks or active relaxation at the swimming pool are excellent preventive methods. They perfectly strengthen the muscles and skeletal system. Physiotherapy   is a good idea to encourage physical activity.


Ekspert kredytowy Szczecin

Credit expert Szczecin

Credit expert Szczecin: credit is a widely available financial product offered by banks. Although we are happy to finance various types of expenses with it, the formalities related to incurring liabilities often overwhelm us. Then we can also go for help to a credit expert in Szczecin. What should a good credit advisor have and when is it worth using its services?

Who is a credit expert?

A credit expert in Szczecin is a person who has the knowledge and skills necessary to advise the client in choosing the right loan offer. It also deals with completing some of the formalities, negotiating loan terms, and planning, together with the client, the repayment of loan installments that the client already has. The role of a credit expert in Szczecin is therefore not limited to consulting, although of course it is one of the main tasks of a specialist. A credit expert, as a rule, does not have to have any special education or professional experience. The credit broker only needs to obtain an entry in the KNF, the cost of which is PLN 600. Theoretically, anyone can become a credit expert, but in practice it looks a bit different. The credit market is very diverse and changes at a rapid pace. A good specialist must have knowledge of finance and economics so as to be able to understand the processes and dependencies taking place on the market. The advantage is having a higher education in the field of economic sciences. As a rule, credit experts gain knowledge and practical skills while working in a bank. Thanks to this, they will learn “from the inside” how the credit market works.

What features should a good credit expert have?

Credit experts in Szczecin devote most of their time to analyzing the client’s financial situation, thus listening to their needs. Therefore, the ability to listen, as well as empathy and understanding are very important here. A credit expert must somehow get into the skin of the client so that he can understand his preferences and needs well. On the other hand, he must keep his feet firmly on the ground, not promising his clients the impossible. People who do not have more knowledge in the field of economics often think that they can get a loan on better terms. Meanwhile, the role of a credit advisor is to calmly explain why the current situation is the way it is. A credit expert in Szczecin must be diligent. His tasks often consist of looking for various types of solutions, including which are not necessarily obvious. What’s more, a good specialist must constantly acquire new knowledge, educating himself on his own. Very often he does it in the evenings, after working hours, for example by browsing industry portals or reading thematic articles.

A credit expert in a bank and an independent credit expert

Theoretically, a credit expert should be impartial, which means that he cannot promote the offers of one particular bank. However, it should always take into account the needs of the client and his individual financial situation. Nevertheless, among the job advertisements you can find those that call bank advisers credit experts. Indeed, there are people working in banks who are responsible only for guiding the client through the loan process. Remember, however, that they only present the offer of a specific bank, thus not taking into account others. Therefore, although we call them credit experts, they will not advise us as independent specialists. They consider the offers of many banks, choosing the perfect one for a given client. They are impartial, although of course they must be up to date with the offers of individual banks. An independent financial expert in Szczecin is the best possible solution from the client’s point of view. He will thoroughly present us with individual offers, but remember that he is usually limited to only 3-4 of the most advantageous ones.

When is it worth going to a credit expert?

It is already known what a credit expert does and what features he should have. The question remains, when is it worth going to it? Well, whenever we want to take out a bank loan, regardless of its type. Most often, the clients of a credit expert in Szczecin are people who want to obtain a mortgage. However, there are no contraindications to go to him also when we want to reach for, for example, a cash or car loan. Let us remember that cooperation with a credit expert in Szczecin is based primarily on trust. We must also bear in mind that sometimes the process of selecting the right offer or analyzing the financial situation takes up to two weeks. Therefore, it is better to contact a specialist earlier, so as to calmly go through the entire loan process together with the expert. Both individuals and entrepreneurs can use the help of a credit expert. He can help you go through the entire loan period, but he also gives short advice on a specific issue.

Druk sublimacyjny - co to?

Sublimation printing – what is it?

Sublimation printing – what is it? Recently, it has become more and more popular. This is a solution that, despite the fact that it has been around for a relatively long time, still enjoys great popularity. What exactly is sublimation printing? Why is sublimation printing so popular? What is this whole process all about? Why is it noteworthy? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read. 

What is sublimation printing?

If we decided to define sublimation printing, we could conclude that it is a certain printing technique that uses the phenomenon of sublimation. The whole process is carried out through special inks on transfer paper. Later, using sublimation presses, the print is transferred to clothing, which is usually made of polyester, or has a polyester coating. It is worth realizing that the sublimation inks used are actually dyes that are only able to bind to polyester fibers. How does it look in practice? Well, when pressing the tracing paper to the product, the given ingredient is heated, and then two important processes take place. First of all, the dye changes its state of aggregation – from solid to gaseous. In addition, polyester fabrics open up, consequently, they are able to accept the dye that gets inside rather than being deposited on the outside. That’s why it’s so robust. When the whole process ends, the fibers close, but they have accepted the sublimation dye, and our eyes see the graphic we were interested in.

Why is sublimation printing so popular?

So the question arises why sublimation printing is such a popular solution. There is no denying that personalized, individualized items are definitely more willingly chosen – there is nothing strange about it. They allow us to feel much better in the everyday environment, they become more friendly and proprietary. Let us remember, however, that this is a great solution not only for us, but also for family or friends. If you are wondering what gift to buy for an upcoming occasion, a personalized item may be a hit. Thanks to this, the recipient will appreciate our effort and take into account the fact that we made a special effort to make them happy with the gift. Customized T-shirts are therefore very common and enjoy a good reputation. What’s more, we ourselves are able to design the pattern we are interested in. All you need is a home computer, a suitable computer program, a bit of skill, and a willingness to have fun. The sublimation technique allows you to create any prints on clothing, which is why everyone will find what they are looking for. For this reason, this method is so popular and is willingly chosen by others.

Sublimation printing – what is this process all about?

We wrote a bit about the whole process when defining sublimation printing. The first and most important step is to print a given illustration or text. This will later be found on the surface of the item. A special transfer paper is used for this purpose. Let’s remember that the preparation of the image is of great importance. Even the resolution and scaling of the image are important – if it is too intense, then it may be the cause of a decrease in resolution. Sublimation printing is also called indirect printing. Why is this happening? Well, the aforementioned paper really is an intermediary between the graphic file and the object on which the print will be. The most important in the whole process is the phenomenon of sublimation – it is a transition from a solid to a gaseous state.

Why sublimation printing is noteworthy?

Why is sublimation printing so popular? One of the factors may be high quality, as well as above-average durability. Regardless of whether our project consists of a small picture or complex graphics – sublimation printing will cope perfectly. We will get expressive colors, and the contours will be sharp and precise. Sublimation prints do not fade and do not crumble as a result of repeated washing, which is certainly noteworthy. Another advantage is the ecological method of production. It is worth mentioning that the dyes are produced on the basis of water, therefore they are completely safe for humans and the environment. Sublimation printing is characterized by low costs. It does not matter how large the outlays will be, which is worth emphasizing. Not to mention the great flexibility and availability. The sublimation method can be used not only on T-shirts, but also on other materials or textiles. It depends on us what the project will look like. When we feel like it, we can design the pattern ourselves and then enjoy it by looking at the object.

Drewno konstrukcyjne najlepszym materiałem budowlanym

Construction timber is the best building material

Structural wood is the best building material – wood for a frame house determines its quality, reliability and durability, it is the main building material. It is important to understand that not every board is suitable for the construction of a frame structure, since it must withstand serious loads, be resistant to external and internal influences. The use of structural timber enhances the building’s rigidity and increases its insulation properties. The coniferous tree has long been a friend of man from an ancient country cottage to a log or frame house.

Choosing wood for building a house

For the construction of a frame house, inexpensive coniferous wood is most often chosen: pine is popular, often Siberian spruce. These species contain natural resins that protect the wood from premature decay, absorb less moisture. Hardwood is strong and dense, but has too many knots. Difficult to handle. Shrinkage is slow. From this wood I make small details, for example pins and wedges.

Taking into account the great functionality that is attributed to structural timber during assembly, an important and overriding question is what boards should be used to build a frame house? The best choice is dried and planed construction wood, it has the right moisture content from 16 to 18%, it has a C24 strength certificate with the CE mark. Problems with brewing, mold or fungal spores can be avoided. Structural timber also differs in the geometry of the elements, the accuracy of the dimensions of the workpieces and the cost.

Advantages of planed and dried structural timber

Under the influence of high temperature in the shrinking process, the spores of microorganisms die and there is no need to disinfect the boards. High humidity is required for the development of rot, which is absent in dried wood. The board has stable dimensions and geometry. All defects of the boards are visible already at the purchase stage and you can immediately choose the right one, rejecting the defective ones. Most high-quality frame houses are built of planed and dried boards. In this case, the wood has already been dried to the desired moisture level, sorted and planed on four sides.

Using such wood, a guarantee of a neat, even wall and ceiling, which do not deform over time, is achieved. There are a few more secrets when choosing a board for the walls of a frame house. First, the age of the wood, which is directly proportional to the strength of the wood. The method of cutting has a great influence on the quality of the material. The surface of the wood is completely smooth, which makes it more resistant to fire because there is no anchor point, i.e. burrs or splinters. When building a house or making a roof truss, you don’t have to worry about twisting or warping it.

Moisture of wood for building a house

The cut tree gradually begins to dry out. After assembling the frame house, the wood absorbs moisture typical for a given climate. An important characteristic is the moisture content of the edged board. The drier it is, the less shrinkage of the house and deformation of the cladding will be. The natural moisture of the wood when felling the tree is 40% or even more (as in a living tree). In winter, the humidity of wood is higher than in summer. A board made of natural moisture, if a frame is built from it, can dry out or change the geometry. During the construction of the structure, there are places where boards of the same width are laid, but if you used fresh structural timber, you can’t predict how the board will dry.

What are the advantages of frame houses?

Frame houses have been built for a long time and their popularity is still growing. This is an opportunity to use ready-made machined elements, thanks to which construction will take a minimum of time. Frame houses do not require waiting for the end of shrinkage of wood, because completely dried and processed material is already used for their construction. This provides protection against deformation of the roof, in addition, the structure of the frame house itself does not allow cracks in the walls.

Such structures are highly energy efficient: in the construction of frame houses, modern insulation is used, which provides reliable protection against freezing of the walls. The wall material is OSB chipboard with high heat and sound insulation properties. The house is very economical: because it consists of ready-made elements, there are no surpluses and leftovers, there are no unforeseen costs, because all the necessary building materials are delivered to the site in full.

The buildings will have smooth walls without gaps, so they will not require additional finishing. For such a house, you can use all kinds of modern materials that will create an original beautiful interior. The building will be very light, so a shallow foundation will suffice. A strip type foundation is usually used, for small buildings a columnar foundation can be installed. All these advantages ensure the great popularity of frame houses. This is an opportunity to build a warm, reliable and beautiful building at minimal cost that will serve for many years.