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How much do wooden houses cost?

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

How much do wooden houses cost? Wooden houses made of glued timber are becoming more and more popular. No wonder, because they can be built very quickly. In addition, if they are made of good materials, there is a good chance that they will last.

However, before we decide to build a wooden house, it is worth considering what the house is supposed to look like. You can choose both a one-story hbe house and a two-story house. There is also no person who is not interested in the cost estimate of a wooden house. Fortunately, building a wooden house is not associated with very high costs, which is why many people can afford it.

Why is a wooden house a good option?

A house made of glued timber has a chance to gain many supporters. This is for really different reasons. First of all, it is worth noting that the cost of building a wooden house is not as high as the cost of building a brick house. In addition, the construction of wooden housestakes much less time than building a brick house. You should also be aware that wooden houses are very fashionable. Of course, functionality is the most important thing, but the attractive appearance of the apartment makes us want to live in it more. It must be admitted that houses made of wood look best in villages. However, we can also opt for this when we live on the outskirts of the city. A wooden house in the very center of the city may not go well with the rest of the buildings. Houses made of wood, however, are most recommended to people who have their own plot near the forest or in the field. Some people build wooden houses and decide to rent them later. However, many people choose to live in a wooden house. This is a very good idea for people who appreciate nature-compliant solutions.

What is important when building a wooden house?

To HBE houseslooked impeccable, you should pay attention to many different criteria during their construction. The most important thing is to have a good design. No construction will start without it. The project should be prepared by a person who knows about it. It would be best to look for a qualified, but also experienced person. It is also extremely important to carefully choose the team that will take care of the construction of the house. Building a wooden house can be more or less complicated. Much depends on the already mentioned project. The more complicated it is, the more likely it will be. The simplest to build are, of course, one-story houses. However, if we dream of a two-story house, then let’s decide on such a solution. It would also be perfect to look for the right construction team.

Qualified and experienced builders are certainly able to help you build a house that you will be satisfied with. It would be great to read opinions about individual professionals. The greater the number of positive opinions, the greater the probability that we will be able to find professionals with whom we will be satisfied. It would be best to avoid using the services of a construction crew that has a lot of negative customer reviews. The key to success is proper insulation of the building. In the case of wooden houses, it is important to remember to apply a finishing layer on the outside. Plaster works perfectly in this role, although it is absolutely not a rule.

How high are the costs and what do they depend on?

Construction of wooden housesgenerates costs and you should be prepared for it. However, it can be immediately noted that they will be lower than in the case of brick houses. It should be noted, however, that answering this question is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. A lot depends on the size of the house. If we dream of a really substantial wooden house, the costs will be quite high. However, if a small wooden house is enough for us, the costs will be lower. In addition, each construction team has a slightly different price list. We can usually get acquainted with the price lists of individual construction companies via websites.

Usually, the websites contain information about the scope of services offered by a given company. Of course, we will also find the price list mentioned there. The costs also depend on the area, on which the house is built. You also have to take into account the cost of running water and electricity. A suitable driveway should also be prepared. As a rule, however, we will pay about PLN 2,000 per square meter of a wooden house. It should be remembered that the price of a wooden house also depends on the type of wood. The higher the quality of the wood, the higher the price for its construction, of course. It would be worth considering what kind of wood we want our house to be made of. It is not worth looking for the cheapest solutions at all costs. The most important thing is that the price is commensurate with the quality. Then the probability that we will be satisfied with the house we choose is really very high.


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