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Aktualizacja 26 January 2023

Foot and nail problems should not be treated as something to be ashamed of. You can get rid of these ailments, just like any other, by using the help of a specialist. Foot care and treatment is provided by professionals from the podiatry office in Warsaw. Podiatry is a constantly evolving field that offers more and more modern and effective methods of treatment. Thanks to the help of a foot specialist, you can take care of their impeccable appearance and health.

What does the podiatry office in Warsaw do?

The office offers its patients accurate diagnosis and treatment of foot and nail diseases. This place specializes in issues such as: screwing nails, ingrown toenails, removal of calluses and calluses, treatment of hyperhidrosis, diabetic foot care, cracked heels, therapeutic pedicure, removal of viral warts, reconstruction of the nail plate. The podological office deals with specialist treatments and podological consultations. To be able to make an accurate diagnosis, podiatrist often consults specialists in other fields.

Podology office in Warsaw – frequently performed treatments

Diabetic foot syndrome

In the diabetic foot, there are many degenerative changes in the skin area. The symptom of this ailment is thin, dry and cool skin with a pale-blue shade. In addition, the changes also affect the nails. Their growth is disturbed, they become deformed and thickened. People struggling with diabetes are more prone to ingrown nails, which is associated with disorders of the anatomical structure of the nail plate. In places of strong pressure, calluses form, which results in excessive keratinization of the skin. It is extremely important to take proper care of the lesions, otherwise dangerous ulcerations may occur.

Removal of calluses

Models are thickened and yellow skin lesions that differ significantly from healthy areas. They form on the soles of the feet through friction and pressure, as well as inadequate care. The cause of their formation are also slight foot deformities or genetic tendencies. Calluses affect even very young people, including children. A specialist from the pogological office removes them with a scalpel or by using appropriate cutters. At the very end of the treatment, he uses moisturizing agents that will increase skin elasticity. Calluses are a recurring problem, in order to counteract it, you should use special insoles and take care of proper foot care.


Corns are usually caused by excessive, point pressure. However, many different types are known. Once a specialist has made a diagnosis, they usually remove the lesions using specialized tools, such as a scalpel or chisel. Sometimes it is necessary to put on a special relief dressing. The procedure is painless as it is performed under local anesthesia. The specialist may recommend the patient to wear appropriate insoles, orthoses or supports to prevent the recurrence of corns.

Ingrown nails

The cause of ingrown toenails is improperly selected footwear, pathological changes, improper trimming of nails, mechanical injury or congenital ailment. This disorder can appear already in childhood. If ingrown nails are left untreated, the soft tissue is damaged and inflammation develops. In a podiatry office in Warsaw, ingrown nails are treated by placing an orthonyx brace.

Cracked heels

There are many causes of dry and cracked heels. Sometimes metabolic and auto-aggressive diseases are responsible for their poor condition. The specialist selects the appropriate treatment, taking into account the depth and degree of cracks. The subologist gets rid of calloused skin using a scalpel, chisel or appropriate means. Sometimes a dressing is applied after the procedure.

Nail reconstruction

A significant loss of the nail plate due to a fungal disease of the nail or a trauma needs to be supplemented. Thanks to this procedure, the nails look more aesthetically pleasing. In the podiatry office in Warsaw, specialists use acrylic or gel with antibacterial and antifungal properties for this purpose.

Finger and foot deformities

Deformities can form already in childhood and many factors lead to them. Gabineu patients suffer from common foot deformities, such as valgus, heel spur, hallux valgus or varus, which can be prevented through foot gymnastics, well-chosen insoles, orthoses, or podiatric taping.

Healing pedicure

Not only people with various ailments can report to the podiatry office. Prevention is also important, thanks to which the feet will be healthy and well-groomed. A podiatrist advises his patients on foot hygiene and care. It will also help in choosing the right care cosmetics and shoe inserts. If you are concerned about the appearance and health of your feet, or if you want to perform a professional pedicure, you can do it in the podiatry office. A team of professionals with many years of experience is able to advise people with many different problems.

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