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What does an automotive painter do?

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

What does an automotive painter do? A car paint shop deals with the repair and renovation of the elements that make up the body of the vehicle. The painter carries out work related to the renovation and renewal of the car body surface. He pre-treats the surface, applies paint coatings and dries them in various ways. When we talk about an automotive paint shop, we often mean someone who works in a small paint shop.  

How to become a car painter?

If you want to work as a varnisher, you must complete a vocational school with a varnishing profile. The school lasts 3 years and ends with an exam confirming the acquired skills. Experience and skills are crucial in this profession, which is why students undergo training aimed at getting to know the profession in detail and applying the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. Of course, you can also train people who have completed other majors. It is then necessary to complete a specialist course and then pass the paint specialist exam. Bodywork and car painting ensure a good education, and then decent working conditions and a satisfactory salary.

Painter – a demanding and rewarding job

A tinsmith painter is particularly sought after on the labor market. What does a painter do in his job? Painter repairs car bodies and also restores them. Therefore, during his work, he must always first clean the surfaces on which he will work. Wire brushes, sandpaper and even mechanical grinders are used for this purpose. Vacuuming is often the next step. In this case, the refinisher uses special phosphorus-based chemicals. His duties also include degreasing the surface using organic agents. In his work, he also has to straighten and smooth the body of the vehicle. Priming is also needed, it can be single-layer, but also multi-layer. Then the surface must be dried. Scratches and dust are removed here. Responsibilities of the painter include applying decorative enamel, and even burning it. It all depends on the taste and expectations of the customer. Usually, at the very end, the painter polishes the surface with polishing pastes and cleans the vehicle with wax-containing products. Renovation of vintage cars and repair of accident cars are performed by real professional painters who know their trade.

Painter’s workplace – bodywork and car accident repairs

The painter works in difficult conditions. It is not possible to eliminate all hazards in factories and mechanical workshops, despite stringent standards. Car refinishers are exposed to paint and varnish fumes. For example, prolonged inhalation of sanding dust can cause respiratory diseases and skin and bronchial allergies. Body and paint repairs are carried out in professional plants, where employees are protected in the best possible way against the harmful working conditions associated with the work of a painter.

Painter – health is the most important

A good painter and a good tinsmith must be fully prepared to do their job. If you want to work in this profession, you must be completely physically prepared. A healthy skeletal system is also very important, because this work often requires taking different positions, but most often a person must be upright. The respiratory system should also be perfectly healthy and regularly monitored. Therefore, contraindications are bronchial asthma and any allergies. The tendency to allergies, skin irritation or poor immunity disqualifies. The painter should take special care of his health.

Knowledge and skills are included in the price – body and paint shop

The painter should be able to use measuring devices and other specialized instruments. Knowledge of technical drawings and their reading, as well as knowledge of occupational health and safety are essential in his work. The painter should know the construction and operation of car parts and take measurements of the bodywork. The required skills also include making welded and welded joints. The car paint shop employs the best car painters who have already acquired the necessary skills and gain valuable experience. Car painting price is determined by painters who should be able to make a factual valuation for customers. Painting a car requires a lot of work and patience. The body painter must know his job, but at the same time learn new things all the time. This profession requires constant improvement of one’s professional qualifications. Earnings increase with your skills – the more skills you have, the more you can earn. The work is waiting for painters and tinsmiths both in Poland and abroad.

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