Co należy wiedzieć o pożyczkach dla firm, i komu one najbardziej się opłacają?

What should you know about loans for companies, and who pays them off the most?

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

What should you know about loans for companies, and who pays them off the most? Loans for companies are usually a turning point, thanks to which the business gains momentum and begins to bring the expected profits. Many companies at the beginning of their journey are forced to use this form of financing, not having sufficient own funds. What to look for when choosing a loan dedicated to companies, and what solutions are the most beneficial for novice entrepreneurs and those already present on the market?

Setting a goal and allocating money

The first and basic step that a novice entrepreneur should take is to create a business plan in which the pre-estimated expenses for each stage of the investment are always precisely estimated. Thanks to this, he will have a clear picture of what amount is necessary to implement the plan. For novice entrepreneurs without a proper credit history, most banks in Poland have a quite attractive offer that differs slightly from the classic range of loan products. Loans for companies just starting their operations usually have a different interest rate, and banks do not require an income certificate, which does not necessarily exist yet. The most common way to secure loans for companies is a mortgage, e.g. a house or a car is pledged, depending on the amount requested in the loan. Nevertheless, the procedures to be followed are much more entrepreneur-friendly than they were a few years ago, and this definitely helps to complete the formalities efficiently and encourages you to take action. Of great importance for the positive consideration of the loan application is primarily the amount requested by the entrepreneur, but also the cost estimate or business plan (if required) that we present to the bank. The smaller the amount, the greater the chance of positive consideration, although it is not a rule. Loans for companies are relatively easy to obtain, but it is worth thinking carefully about what amount of money will be sufficient to start a business, and that is what you should apply for.

Where is the best place to look for loan offers?

The Internet is a treasury of knowledge, especially in terms of advertising offers. It is on the web that you can comfortably compare the most interesting loan offers dedicated to companies, and decide which one will be the best for us. You can easily find interesting rankings that in many aspects present and compare reliably, step by step, the advantages of using a given bank service, which can be very helpful when making decisions. They are updated every year, which is why we always find reliable information and references directly to the contact forms of given banks. A good solution is also to go to a professional credit advisor who, after getting acquainted with our intentions, will advise which offer will be the best to use. Also keep in mind that that a sole proprietorship and a company that employs several people are treated completely differently by banks, and loans for sole proprietorships are prepared similar, although slightly modified offers. Most often, these are amounts of several thousand zlotys, which do not require property or mortgage declarations, which are to cover basic expenses in the company, such as paying invoices or equipping the workplace. It is very easy to obtain them due to the low amount requested, but also low risk. In this case, however, it is also worth getting acquainted with the micro-business loan ranking to take advantage of the best on the market.

What development opportunities for long-term entrepreneurs?

Although the most famous on the Internet and other media about loans for companies just starting their business, long-term entrepreneurs who have been running their companies for many years can also benefit from advantageous offers of this type, but their activities require innovation to stay on the market. These types of companies can also count on favorable offers that an ordinary natural person is unlikely to receive. However, it is worth carefully reviewing all the offers, because those dedicated to novice entrepreneurs, compared to those for several years of operation, can be much cheaper and more diverse in costs. Much depends on the nomenclature that the entrepreneur will use in the application, because it is enough to establish a new company that is related to innovations in its current activity, therefore, it qualifies for loans for companies just entering the market. A good credit advisor will definitely help you choose the best solution, and there is nothing to be afraid of when applying for loans for companies, because most often it is the appropriate cash injection that is the greatest motivational “kick” for development and increasing turnover in the company. Favorable conditions, simplified procedures and a minimum of formalities – these are most often in favor of banking offers for entrepreneurs, which increases the trust and interest of customers.

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