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How to get a divorce quickly

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

How to Get a Divorce Quickly – Divorces these days are not something that is shocking or uncommon in our society. The current situation is completely different than, for example, in the 1990s, when in Poland, divorces were granted by the courts quite rarely, and there were relatively few marriages that wanted to take such a step. We’re not going to talk here about what made this happen, whether it’s cultural issues or whether divorce is now seen as not a failure in life, but something that is simply better done for the sake of some situations. all interested parties.

It may be that it is simply a reaction to the fact that in the modern world, we have less and less time for each other and simply over time, even compatible marriages and compatible couples move away from each other. Sometimes the decision to divorce is quite difficult, even if both parties agree that it would be a good idea to divorce. These people would like to carry out the divorce process itself as soon as possible. In a moment, we will consider what we can do to make the divorce as short as possible.

We do not file for divorce on fault

The first thing that can ensure that we get a divorce very quickly is not filing for divorce with a guilty verdict. First of all, the argument for this type of solution is that a divorce with a guilty verdict can last for years. This is because the consequences of a guilty verdict against one of the spouses are really quite serious, and at the same time they can bring quite significant benefits to the other party. For this reason, the court cannot simply make a judgment based, for example, only on the testimony of the spouses. Most often, the evidence is analyzed, which is presented by both parties to the divorce, as well as the evidence that the court can collect on its own, i.e. it interviews witnesses (these can be family members, but also our friends from work). If either party has hired a private investigator, he or she may also be questioned. Evidence collected by the detective during the investigation is analyzed, and in the end we have no certainty that a unilateral finding of guilt will be adjudicated. It is worth mentioning here that if guilt is actually found guilty, the party that has not been found guilty may derive certain profits from this. One of them is the possibility of applying for alimony from the former spouse, because the person who is not at fault has the right to maintain the status of his life at the same level as it was before the divorce, i.e. alimony can actually be paid .

Divorce lawyer

If we want the divorce to go relatively quickly, it is very good to hire a divorce lawyer  or a divorce office . The argument for this solution is more or less that these people, first of all, know all the procedures related to divorce and even letters or various types of documents will be presented for us on time and in the way they should be presented. Certainly thanks to this, various types of administrative obstacles that we will not be able to predict also do not want to stand in our way. Another thing is that, first of all , a divorce lawyer will coldly recalculate and analyze the divorce caseand will probably strive to end such a case as soon as possible, preferably in the form of a settlement. Really, if we want to end the divorce quickly, it is best that both parties hire divorce lawyers  or divorce law firms , because the lawyers will only be able to among themselves (if they have a power of attorney) and coolly determine the conditions under which a divorce can be made by agreement of the parties.

Talk to your spouse

Of course, few people know about it, but wanting to settle a divorce quickly, one of the decisive roles when it comes to ending the divorce quickly will be the attitude of our spouse, whom we would like to become our ex-spouse as soon as possible. It is very common for both parties to want a divorce, but at the divorce hearing their positions suddenly change. Very often this is due to the fact that in court, of course, we have great emotions and some people can suddenly change their minds. Sometimes it turns out that if we have not thoroughly analyzed the subject of divorce and even topics such as who will receive what as a result of this divorce, it suddenly turns out in court that one of the parties may not be so happy, for example, with the fact that how the property will be divided and by making various claims, can cause the whole thing to attract. Therefore, it is best to simply talk honestly with your spouse and establish the rules, quite detailed, on which we will want to divorce, and if there are any contentious matters, it is best to discuss this as well, or refer such contentious matters to lawyers.


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