What to choose: a vaporizer or a bong?

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

What to choose: a vaporizer or a bong? Marijuana smokers have more and more options to choose from to make smoking rituals more enjoyable. The traditional bong is more and more often replaced by a viporizer, which, according to experts, is healthier, more pleasant and more efficient than inhaling smoke from a bong. It is an inhalation device that allows for comfortable smoking: herbs placed in it undergo vaporization, i.e. a process in which active substances from herbs pass into the vapor produced. The best devices give a lot of smoking pleasure: there is no ash, no tar or smoke. Why is it worth buying a vaporizer?

Economy and pleasure

Savings is also important. Thanks to the vaporization process, the herbs do not burn as quickly as in traditional pipes or bongs, so smoking is more economical. Despite the smaller amount of smoked herbs, users notice that the vapor produced works just as well and tastes much better than traditional smoke.

A big advantage of a vaporizer is the possibility of using it while traveling or during a walk: there are small models that fit in small bags. They are lightweight and portable. We can smoke without irritating the environment with the smell coming from the device. The larger ones are recommended for home use (they have more power). Portable devices have a mouthpiece that allows you to draw steam freely, while those for home use – a hose or a balcony.

Liquids are not poured into the device as in traditional e-cigarettes. Ground herbs are stuffed into the chamber, heated to a high temperature (about 200 degrees Celsius), and then the resulting steam is inhaled.

Herbs in a vaporizer

Vaporization gives many possibilities to those who support smoking various herbs. Mixtures are used to treat various diseases, migraines, prevent coughing attacks in asthma or allergic conditions. If you are an experienced smoker, you certainly know that depending on the selected blend, the therapeutic effect may change.

The advantage of vaporizers over bongs

Many users appreciate the devices for their health benefits: they do not put as much strain on the lungs as with traditional smoking. Device enthusiasts appreciate the taste of the steam, its delicate smell, the lack of irritating properties of smoke, but also the discretion and economy of the equipment. The only inconvenience was related to the need to heat up the vaporizer heater. When smoking from the equipment, you do not need to mix marijuana with tobacco, which translates into less toxicity of smoking. Vaporizers are becoming more and more common, so you can buy them in the online store at an attractive price.


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