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Career counselor

Aktualizacja 26 January 2023

Career advisor – what should we know about it? In many cases, we are looking for a job – regardless of the stage of the career. It is possible to use the help of a career advisor who is able to help us in this regard. In practice, however, few people are aware of what such a specialist does, and why using his services is absolutely justified.

What does a career counselor do in practice? What education is necessary for career counselling? What should a career counselor have? Where can a career counselor work and how much does he earn? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

What does a career counselor do in practice?

First of all, we should be aware that a career counselor is absolutely not the same person as a career coach. While the line between these two people is fluid, these professions differ significantly. The advisor has specific tasks, because each time he deals with determining the strengths and weaknesses of the personality. In many cases, a specialist test is carried out – it is on its basis that it is possible to choose a specific career path that will be the most optimal. The career counselor will specify 1-2 professions in which we will find ourselves as best as possible. Specific goals to be achieved are then defined. Therefore, we can definitely say that he is a person who facilitates the creation of a specific career path. Sometimes help is offered in writing an attractive CV, strengthening the client’s confidence, preparing for a job interview, learning how to look for a job effectively. The main goal of the aforementioned specialist is to prepare the client to find himself on the labor market.

What education is necessary for career counselling?

It is difficult to say unequivocally which education for the future career counselor will be the most optimal. Any social sciences, including psychology and sociology, will be useful. In practice, however, the most valuable are diverse courses and trainings – it is on them that it is possible not only to gain practical knowledge, but also to develop skills in many aspects. The best advisors are constantly investing in their development, at the same time trying to update their knowledge. Contrary to appearances, this is almost a necessary condition if we want to do our job as best as possible. It is worth realizing that the most important thing is above-average knowledge of the labor market. A career advisor can keep track of changing trends, as well as the characteristics of industries and professions.

What should a career counselor have?

We already know what education and skills are necessary if we want to talk about career guidance. But what characteristics are most desirable? Above-average interpersonal skills are key. In this profession, communication skills or the ease of establishing new contacts are useful. Contrary to appearances, these features are considered essential if we are interested in working with people and helping them. What else is required from a good career advisor? One such trait is empathy. It is impossible not to mention the ability to listen and draw conclusions quickly. Often, on the basis of the conversation alone, we will have to advise what career path seems to be the most optimal. A good career counselor is assertive– is able to firmly express his opinion and, based on his experience, recommend a suitable job. Of course, you should not forget about the correct pronunciation. Individuals who are unable to submit a pass efficiently are not considered suitable.

Where can a career counselor work and how much does he earn?

It turns out that a career counselor can work in many places. As you can see, there are more and more companies on the market that deal with coaching or career counseling in a professional manner. It is there that we can expect that the earnings will be the most favorable. Career counselor has largely become a position at universities and employment offices. Then, cooperation is undertaken not only with older and experienced people, but also with younger people who are just entering the labor market. What earnings can a career counselor expect? Contrary to appearances, it is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, because it depends on experience, as well as on the place where the employment took place. However, it is easy to guess that those experienced people earn the most, who work in private companies, or strictly training companies. Unfortunately, the lowest salary is in the case of public institutions, which is worth bearing in mind. The average salary is about PLN 4,000 gross. Career counselor is a job that is most future-proof.

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