Hurtownia podologiczna to wygoda, komfort i oszczędności

A podiatry wholesaler means convenience, comfort and savings

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

A podiatry wholesaler means convenience, comfort and savings – safety and the best possible results of treatment are largely ensured by the knowledge and experience of the podiatrist performing the procedure, but also partly by the selection of appropriate, professional, good quality tools. To be able to perform services at the highest possible level, you simply need a well-equipped office.

The Kerpro podiatry wholesaler will help in the comprehensive supply of the podiatry office. In the podiatric warehouse you will find professional and comprehensive tools and products intended for use primarily in podiatry and beauty salons. Bearing in mind the expectations of the market, we have also launched an offer for retail customers who want to care for their feet and hands at home. Shopping at the Kerpro podology wholesaler can be done on our website.

Why is it worth buying in our podiatry warehouse?

The podiatry wholesaler enjoys unflagging popularity, especially that podiatry in Poland has been experiencing a real boom for some time. The wholesaler has a number of advantages that make it a great place to shop both for podologists running their offices and for individual customers who want to take care of their skin and nails at home.

A large selection of assortment

The Kerpro podology wholesaler has a wide selection of various tools, accessories and cosmetics from the lower and higher price range. We offer a wide range of specialized foot products from proven brands such as Podopharm, Pedibaehr, ProntoMed and Asepta. You can buy everything you need to take care of your feet comprehensively – from specialized tools such as clippers, through cosmetics for the skin and nails, to elements of podiatry equipment, such as a podiatry chair or milling machine.

Proven products

New products are constantly entering the podiatry market. We make every effort to ensure that our podiatry warehouse offers only the best solutions that translate into improved health and well-being. Before a preparation, cosmetic or tool is added to our offer, it is first tested in numerous offices in Poland. Only when it passes a series of tests, we can offer it to you with a clear conscience.

Attractive prices

As a wholesaler of podology products, we are able to offer our customers more attractive prices than ordinary stores or drugstores. The reason for this is primarily specialization in a specific industry. Therefore, you will not only comprehensively equip your office or complete a set for foot and hand care at home, but you will also save a lot.

Everything in one place

The big advantage of shopping at a podiatry wholesaler is that in fact everything that is necessary in the work of a podiatrist can be found in one place. You don’t have to visit dozens of stationary and online stores in search of equipment. Here you will find everything you need, and by the way you will often be able to choose between dozens of proposals for a given product from different manufacturers.

Help in choosing

We want to help our clients on various levels. Therefore, if you are not sure what you really need or which product to choose, you can always contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with advice and tips on the selection of podological equipment and cosmetics. One phone call or a visit to a Kerpro store is enough, and our employees will share their many years of experience and knowledge with you, providing you with reliable and professional advice.

Kerpro podology wholesaler – offer

There are various categories of podology products available in the podology wholesaler’s offer. A list of all of them, along with a short description of what is hidden under their names, can be found below.

Foot cosmetics

We offer a wide selection of foot cosmetics that can be used both during each podiatric treatment and independently at home. Specialist cosmetics for feet is a very wide range of preparations, which is why we constantly follow the novelties appearing on the market, test them and include only products worth recommending. Among the foot cosmetics you will find suggestions:

      • for dry, normal and sweaty skin,
      • for diabetics,
      • footwear preparations.

Cosmetics for hands and nails

Work and daily activities cause the condition of the skin to deteriorate – it begins to crack and turn red, in addition it hurts, burns and itches. The same thing happens in the fall and winter. That is why hands need proper care, because their good condition is not only an aesthetic matter. In the Kerpro podology wholesaler you will find a wide selection of hand and nail care cosmetics, including:

      • hand creams,
      • foam hand creams,
      • nail preparations.

Body cosmetics

Not only the skin of the feet and hands requires specialized care, but also the skin of the whole body. Therefore, the Kerpro warehouse also has a separate section with this type of cosmetics. We offer cosmetics with a wide spectrum of action, intended for various skin types. In the body cosmetics category you will find:

      • creams and foams,
      • peelings,
      • bath salts,
      • bath lotions.


Maintaining proper hygiene is extremely important in any situation where the continuity of the epidermis is broken. Then the risk of wound infection with pathogenic microorganisms increases, which poses a threat to the health of the whole organism. It is worth remembering about this and using only disinfected or sterilized tools that guarantee full safety. In addition, it is important to remember how important it is to follow basic health and safety rules at work. To protect yourself from a potential threat, you need to equip yourself with protective equipment. In the podology wholesaler you can buy:

      • hand disinfection gels,
      • one time gloves,
      • protective masks,
      • glasses and visors,
      • plasters and dressings.


Orthoses are used in the therapy and prevention of deformities occurring within the toes or entire feet. They are durable, made of high-quality material and perfectly matched to the foot, which are worn to relieve deformed places and improve their condition. Deformity can occur in anyone at any stage of life. Each of them greatly hinders life and free movement. Deformation should not be underestimated. For their treatment, you can use the relief available in our assortment:

      • finger relief,
      • relief for bunions,
      • foot relief,
      • boards and tubes.


A variety of podiatry procedures are performed in the podiatry office. One of them is a podological pedicure, i.e. a cosmetic treatment to which the toenails are subjected. Its purpose is to clean and shorten the nail plate, remove the cuticles and clean the periungual folds. Special tools are used during the procedure. All of them can be found in our warehouse, including:

      • nail pliers,
      • Cuticle Nippers,
      • probes,
      • tweezers,
      • files and knurls,
      • tool accessories.


At Kerpro you will find a wide selection of podology cutters, including cutters for:

      • for nails,
      • for cuticles,
      • for manicure,
      • for pedicures,
      • to the hybrid,
      • for gel and acrylic,
      • for shortening nails,
      • for smoothing nails,
      • for diabetics,
      • cutter sets and accessories.

Cabinet equipment

The last category in the Kerpro podology wholesaler is office equipment, under the name of which there are all the equipment necessary to work in the office:

      • treatment products,
      • sterilization and disinfection,
      • podiatry milling machines,
      • podology chairs,
      • podology chairs,
      • podology cabinets,
      • podology lamps,
      • ultrasonic cleaners,
      • steam autoclaves.

If you are just at the stage of equipping your new office, you’ve come to the right place. As you can see, in our podiatry warehouse you will find everything you need to fully equip your workplace and start your business. Enjoy your shopping.

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