Jak promować sklep internetowy na facebooku

How to promote an online store on facebook

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

How to promote an online store on Facebook – according to current statistics, the Sars-CoV19 pandemic has increased turnover in the e-commerce industry. We are more and more willing to buy from home, using a computer and an Internet connection. This is good news for people who are looking for a business niche and focus on modern technologies. Given the current trends, it is a good idea to set up your own online store.

After all, when we already have a well-optimized page that impresses with descriptions and is highly placed in Google rankings, it is worth taking care of advertising. After all, advertising is the lever of commerce. How to promote your shop on popular social media, such as Facebook? Stay with us for a while and you will learn effective marketing tricks. We invite you to read!

Shop blog and interaction

Facebook is one of the most popular social media. The art of trading is associated with the fight for the customer. Guided by this unchanging principle, it is worth going wherever a potential customer is. Create a shop blog on Facebook and reach the consumer. Building a relationship with a client is based on attempts to create trust. Remember that many companies build their customer base using social media. The competition will force you to work on an attractive formula for both the company blog and the content posted in it.

Grab the customer’s attention

Many people pay more attention to the image than to the content on the page. People are visual by nature. From childhood, we are warned not to judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, that’s not how marketing works. When working on the blog of your shop, you need to pay attention to the visual layer. An eye-catching store logo and good quality photos will attract everyone’s attention. Believe it or not, a potential recipient will stay on the blog longer if they see attractive visual content than if they hit a compact block of text. Defining the target group and adjusting the language of the content to it will be a great help for you. If you sell sports shoes, you realize that your target audience is young people who like to play sports. Upload photos of sample footwear or videos of the hits of the season. Match your language to this group by posting descriptions and addressing them directly.


By running a shop blog on the Facebook platform, you compete with the competition to attract attention. Good quality content is half the battle. A great solution that will increase the interest in your blog will be the implementation of lotteries and contests. Run a lottery from time to time. Research has shown that social media users are more likely to follow a page if they can win something. This has a direct impact on the popularity of the fanpage. Thanks to competitions with prizes, you increase your reach. People are happy to give thumbs up and like your posts.

Hashtag trends

Implement hashtags. Like the initiation of contests and lotteries, they have an impact on increasing the reach. Thanks to them, you are able to break through to the awareness of the recipients of the content. Every now and then we see hashtags on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Various companies, restaurant chains, hotels and online stores are also benefiting from this trend. You can’t overdo anything and it’s the same with hashtags. Let them apply only to specific products that your business offers.

High-quality content

Good content is the key to the success of the entire operation. It is worth publishing high-quality content and not neglecting external linking. What would skilfully placed links lead to? To the company blog and to the website of your store. It is worth blogging on popular platforms such as WordPress or WiX. It is worth placing there high-quality, substantive content that attracts the attention of a potential recipient. Thanks to this, you increase the chance of conversion, i.e. turning the recipient of the content into a customer of your store.

Other forms of attracting attention

On the list of tasks you have to do is gaining the customer’s trust and attachment to your brand. Inform him about the company’s internal policy and what is happening within the store. By humanizing your brand, you can tempt them to choose your store. Are you implementing a promotion and special offers? Inform users who follow the content on the fanpage about it. Place a call to action, i.e. the famous Call to Action. Thanks to this, the click-through rate on your store’s platform will increase and you will multiply its turnover. Finally, it is worth mentioning paid ads. You can and even should think about placing sponsored entries, thanks to which you will not only increase the awareness of your brand among users of “social networks”.


Thanks to the steps we have described, you can gradually build awareness of your brand among social media users and influence the sale of your products. Approach it with patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Create content “with a head” bearing in mind the strong competition, which also appreciates the influence of Facebook on potential customers.

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