Ile pamięci RAM musi mieć dobry laptop?

How much RAM does a good laptop need?

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

How much RAM does a good laptop need? Buying a laptop is a very important decision. Before choosing any model, we should carefully consider all its parameters. The processor, graphics card, amount of memory on the hard drive and RAM are extremely important. Today’s article is dedicated to RAM. Many people neglect this part of the laptop. This is a big mistake, because RAM largely determines the subsequent performance of the device we buy. 

Why is RAM in a laptop so important?

RAM is an extremely important element of any laptop for several reasons – it is worth remembering. If our laptop has too little RAM, it can cause it to work less efficiently. All the more so if the device we buy is to be used to support more advanced programs and applications. Then a sufficiently large amount of RAM is an absolute priority. So how do you choose RAM for your computer? What should be guided by this?

It is worth knowing that the needs of the laptop owner can change significantly over the course of several years of its operation. For this reason, it is best to buy a device that can easily handle more demanding tasks. In the event that we wrongly estimate the RAM capacity during the purchase, in some cases it is possible to replace the memory chips with larger capacity copies. You can also choose to add RAM. A significant number of laptops are equipped with memory with smaller capacities than the maximum supported. This state of affairs means that the prices of devices are lower, and if necessary, it is possible to configure the laptop with an additional memory chip. However, many people wonder when such a thing will be possible and easy to do.

How to add RAM to a laptop? Some important tips and tricks

Before deciding to replace or add RAM to your laptop, it pays to first verify what type of memory your device supports. The maximum capacity it can handle is also important. It is best to replace or upgrade the RAM yourself when the laptop is no longer under warranty. If we bought our laptop relatively recently and we are still entitled to a warranty on it, we should first make sure that interference with the device does not void the warranty. In such situations, it is best to postpone the decision to modify for later or have it done by a professional service.

If the device has free slots or slots for RAM and can support a larger capacity than the one used at the factory, there are no contraindications to add additional bones. Sometimes it also happens that all slots will be occupied by bones with small capacities. Then the best solution will be to replace them with models with larger capacities. Much greater performance of the device is then guaranteed.

Will any RAM fit in a laptop?

Before buying laptop RAM at a bargain price, you should first carefully check whether the model is fully compatible with your laptop. It turns out that the RAM from a PC will fit into a laptop and vice versa. Compatibility is an extremely important issue that must be checked very carefully. Here are the most important things to always keep in mind:

      •  RAM from a PC will never fit into any laptop. This is conditioned by the fact that the bones intended for desktop computers are larger than the chips intended for laptops. These solutions will never be compatible with each other.
      • The RAM in the laptop must be compatible with the motherboard. This point is the most important. It is responsible for what standard of RAM we will be able to use in a given device. Older types of laptops can be equipped with DDR3 RAM, while newer ones with DDR4 RAM. These memory types are not compatible with each other. They are also characterized by a completely different type of performance.

How to choose RAM for a laptop?

Before we decide to buy RAM for a laptop, we should know that it is quite a large expense. Therefore, such a decision should be made after analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages of each model. The most important issue is, of course, the capacity of the RAM memory. In order for it to be properly selected, the maximum capacity must be taken into account. You also need to check the system limitations of your laptop.

For everyday browsing the Internet and watching movies, 8GB is enough, and if we want to be able to play demanding games, it is best to reach for 32GB of RAM. The next issue is the standard offered by the RAM. It can be DDR3 or DDR4. DDR4 is much more efficient RAM, which should be used by all those who care about the best performance of the laptop.

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