Co to jest ozonowanie i co trzeba wiedzieć na jego temat?

What is ozonation and what do you need to know about it?

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

What is ozonation and what do you need to know about it? Ozonation of apartments is something that is currently being talked about a lot. Whether it’s due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic or anything else, it certainly deserves the attention it’s getting at the moment. But what exactly is it? What is most important about it? Is everyone able to reach for them, or is the ozonation of warehouses addressed only to a specific group of customers? All these issues will be discussed in today’s post.

What is ozonation?

Ozonization of rooms  is a service in which a professional company treats these rooms with ozone – a gas also known as active oxygen, known for its unusual properties. This gas is able to react with some organic compounds and thus completely destroy them. It is known to deal with fungus and mold, but also bacteria and viruses, which is appreciated especially nowadays. Ozone is also a great means of getting rid of allergens, mites and simply refreshing – it gets rid of the unpleasant smell, leaving behind freshness, and then simply neutrality.

Ozonation of hotels is carried out using a dedicated device – the so-called ozonator (also simply known as an ozone generator). It works automatically, but you have to set it appropriately for the room that will undergo the whole process. Ozonation requires a lot of attention and the right approach, and although it is not the most complicated in itself, it is recommended to use the services of professionals. They have the right equipment and know what rules to follow to make it safe.

What can be ozonated?

Although ozonation of schools  is something that is talked about most often and attracts the most attention, schools are not the only places and facilities that can be covered by it. In fact, ozonation can be applied to any possible surface – but it does not make sense in every case. Cars, public utility facilities (such as stops, bus shelters, benches in the park) are most often ozonated, but also warehouses, hotels, kindergartens and offices. This service is also very often used by private individuals – they most often order ozonisation of apartments in Ochota (and anywhere else), but also ozonisation of offices and other places most often visited by them (this is where most of what they want through this service is gathered get rid of).

Facts about ozonation worth knowing

Although something like ozonation has been talked about very often lately, people still associate it only with walking with special equipment on the back and disinfecting stops and benches. In fact, however, there are many things about it that are worth knowing – regardless of whether you intend to read it or are simply interested in it. Below we present the most important ones.

      • Everyone can reach for ozonisation of the apartment – not necessarily a wealthy person. It is a relatively cheap service and in no way limited for a specific group of people.
      • For ozonization, you need to properly prepare the room, first of all, ensuring that ozone is able to reach its every corner. Although few people know about it, even before the ozonator is launched, the entire space in which it will work should be thoroughly cleaned.
      • Ozonation of warehouses can take up to eight hours. Everything here depends on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room subjected to this process. The smallest ones require two to four hours of ozonator operation.
      • Ozone is a toxic gas for humans – that is why you should not enter the ozonated room, but also use it immediately after the ozonation service. However, ozone is also unstable – it evaporates quickly, especially with the windows open (it is recommended to open them right after ozonation).
      • The smell that ozonation leaves behind resembles the one you can feel after a storm. All due to the fact that the ozone concentration in the air increases right after it.
      • There are many factors determining the final price of ozonation, but the most important is the area of ​​​​the room that will be subjected to it (the larger it is, the higher its price)


Ozonation has been considered one of the methods of dealing with coronavirus for some time now. In fact, however, it is a service that was used a dozen or so years ago – effective, proven in action and very affordable in terms of price. This is also the case now, and private individuals can also reach for it. It is especially recommended for people who want to take care of their health and whether they move in an environment that is appropriate for them and for them.



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