Drewno konstrukcyjne najlepszym materiałem budowlanym

Construction timber is the best building material

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

Structural wood is the best building material – wood for a frame house determines its quality, reliability and durability, it is the main building material. It is important to understand that not every board is suitable for the construction of a frame structure, since it must withstand serious loads, be resistant to external and internal influences. The use of structural timber enhances the building’s rigidity and increases its insulation properties. The coniferous tree has long been a friend of man from an ancient country cottage to a log or frame house.

Choosing wood for building a house

For the construction of a frame house, inexpensive coniferous wood is most often chosen: pine is popular, often Siberian spruce. These species contain natural resins that protect the wood from premature decay, absorb less moisture. Hardwood is strong and dense, but has too many knots. Difficult to handle. Shrinkage is slow. From this wood I make small details, for example pins and wedges.

Taking into account the great functionality that is attributed to structural timber during assembly, an important and overriding question is what boards should be used to build a frame house? The best choice is dried and planed construction wood, it has the right moisture content from 16 to 18%, it has a C24 strength certificate with the CE mark. Problems with brewing, mold or fungal spores can be avoided. Structural timber also differs in the geometry of the elements, the accuracy of the dimensions of the workpieces and the cost.

Advantages of planed and dried structural timber

Under the influence of high temperature in the shrinking process, the spores of microorganisms die and there is no need to disinfect the boards. High humidity is required for the development of rot, which is absent in dried wood. The board has stable dimensions and geometry. All defects of the boards are visible already at the purchase stage and you can immediately choose the right one, rejecting the defective ones. Most high-quality frame houses are built of planed and dried boards. In this case, the wood has already been dried to the desired moisture level, sorted and planed on four sides.

Using such wood, a guarantee of a neat, even wall and ceiling, which do not deform over time, is achieved. There are a few more secrets when choosing a board for the walls of a frame house. First, the age of the wood, which is directly proportional to the strength of the wood. The method of cutting has a great influence on the quality of the material. The surface of the wood is completely smooth, which makes it more resistant to fire because there is no anchor point, i.e. burrs or splinters. When building a house or making a roof truss, you don’t have to worry about twisting or warping it.

Moisture of wood for building a house

The cut tree gradually begins to dry out. After assembling the frame house, the wood absorbs moisture typical for a given climate. An important characteristic is the moisture content of the edged board. The drier it is, the less shrinkage of the house and deformation of the cladding will be. The natural moisture of the wood when felling the tree is 40% or even more (as in a living tree). In winter, the humidity of wood is higher than in summer. A board made of natural moisture, if a frame is built from it, can dry out or change the geometry. During the construction of the structure, there are places where boards of the same width are laid, but if you used fresh structural timber, you can’t predict how the board will dry.

What are the advantages of frame houses?

Frame houses have been built for a long time and their popularity is still growing. This is an opportunity to use ready-made machined elements, thanks to which construction will take a minimum of time. Frame houses do not require waiting for the end of shrinkage of wood, because completely dried and processed material is already used for their construction. This provides protection against deformation of the roof, in addition, the structure of the frame house itself does not allow cracks in the walls.

Such structures are highly energy efficient: in the construction of frame houses, modern insulation is used, which provides reliable protection against freezing of the walls. The wall material is OSB chipboard with high heat and sound insulation properties. The house is very economical: because it consists of ready-made elements, there are no surpluses and leftovers, there are no unforeseen costs, because all the necessary building materials are delivered to the site in full.

The buildings will have smooth walls without gaps, so they will not require additional finishing. For such a house, you can use all kinds of modern materials that will create an original beautiful interior. The building will be very light, so a shallow foundation will suffice. A strip type foundation is usually used, for small buildings a columnar foundation can be installed. All these advantages ensure the great popularity of frame houses. This is an opportunity to build a warm, reliable and beautiful building at minimal cost that will serve for many years.

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