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Credit expert Szczecin

Aktualizacja 26 January 2023

Credit expert Szczecin: credit is a widely available financial product offered by banks. Although we are happy to finance various types of expenses with it, the formalities related to incurring liabilities often overwhelm us. Then we can also go for help to a credit expert in Szczecin. What should a good credit advisor have and when is it worth using its services?

Who is a credit expert?

A credit expert in Szczecin is a person who has the knowledge and skills necessary to advise the client in choosing the right loan offer. It also deals with completing some of the formalities, negotiating loan terms, and planning, together with the client, the repayment of loan installments that the client already has. The role of a credit expert in Szczecin is therefore not limited to consulting, although of course it is one of the main tasks of a specialist. A credit expert, as a rule, does not have to have any special education or professional experience. The credit broker only needs to obtain an entry in the KNF, the cost of which is PLN 600. Theoretically, anyone can become a credit expert, but in practice it looks a bit different. The credit market is very diverse and changes at a rapid pace. A good specialist must have knowledge of finance and economics so as to be able to understand the processes and dependencies taking place on the market. The advantage is having a higher education in the field of economic sciences. As a rule, credit experts gain knowledge and practical skills while working in a bank. Thanks to this, they will learn “from the inside” how the credit market works.

What features should a good credit expert have?

Credit experts in Szczecin devote most of their time to analyzing the client’s financial situation, thus listening to their needs. Therefore, the ability to listen, as well as empathy and understanding are very important here. A credit expert must somehow get into the skin of the client so that he can understand his preferences and needs well. On the other hand, he must keep his feet firmly on the ground, not promising his clients the impossible. People who do not have more knowledge in the field of economics often think that they can get a loan on better terms. Meanwhile, the role of a credit advisor is to calmly explain why the current situation is the way it is. A credit expert in Szczecin must be diligent. His tasks often consist of looking for various types of solutions, including which are not necessarily obvious. What’s more, a good specialist must constantly acquire new knowledge, educating himself on his own. Very often he does it in the evenings, after working hours, for example by browsing industry portals or reading thematic articles.

A credit expert in a bank and an independent credit expert

Theoretically, a credit expert should be impartial, which means that he cannot promote the offers of one particular bank. However, it should always take into account the needs of the client and his individual financial situation. Nevertheless, among the job advertisements you can find those that call bank advisers credit experts. Indeed, there are people working in banks who are responsible only for guiding the client through the loan process. Remember, however, that they only present the offer of a specific bank, thus not taking into account others. Therefore, although we call them credit experts, they will not advise us as independent specialists. They consider the offers of many banks, choosing the perfect one for a given client. They are impartial, although of course they must be up to date with the offers of individual banks. An independent financial expert in Szczecin is the best possible solution from the client’s point of view. He will thoroughly present us with individual offers, but remember that he is usually limited to only 3-4 of the most advantageous ones.

When is it worth going to a credit expert?

It is already known what a credit expert does and what features he should have. The question remains, when is it worth going to it? Well, whenever we want to take out a bank loan, regardless of its type. Most often, the clients of a credit expert in Szczecin are people who want to obtain a mortgage. However, there are no contraindications to go to him also when we want to reach for, for example, a cash or car loan. Let us remember that cooperation with a credit expert in Szczecin is based primarily on trust. We must also bear in mind that sometimes the process of selecting the right offer or analyzing the financial situation takes up to two weeks. Therefore, it is better to contact a specialist earlier, so as to calmly go through the entire loan process together with the expert. Both individuals and entrepreneurs can use the help of a credit expert. He can help you go through the entire loan period, but he also gives short advice on a specific issue.

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