How to match a lace dress to the figure?

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

How to match a lace dress to the figure? Women are different but each of us is beautiful and unique. Your friend’s wedding will take place in a few weeks and you still don’t know what to wear? How about a lace dress? Do you think that because of full hips you will not look good in it? Today we will prove otherwise, below you will find many valuable tips that will help you choose a dress that perfectly fits your figure. Ready? Then we’re taking you on an accelerated styling course!

Hourglass, triangle, pear – define your body type

Do you want to look good and fashionable? Unfortunately, the vast majority of women are not aware of their appearance, and the type of figure. Not only a lace dress but also other elements of our wardrobe should be tailored to our body type. A properly selected dress will emphasize your strengths and hide your shortcomings, making you feel feminine and elegant.

If you feel like it, you can use the help of a stylist, of course, it will involve additional expenses, but we are convinced that with our little help you will be able to buy a dress created for you yourself. So what should you start with? We know it won’t be easy, but try to determine your body type. You can choose from a pear, an hourglass, an H-shaped figure and an inverted triangle.

We will start by discussing the figure most often appearing among Polish women, i.e. the pear. What characterizes this type of figure? Imagine what a pear looks like, this fruit is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom, so if your shoulders are narrower than your hips, you are a typical pear. Your advantage is shapely shoulders and full hips, which should be cleverly hidden. When looking for a lace dress, focus on those that have bare shoulders, e.g. by choosing a creation with a boat neckline. The dress should be flowing, preferably in the shape of the letter “A” or with an indentation at the waist. Are you brave and at the same time do not have a problem with too large hips? Choose a lace dress that is tight and fitted to accentuate your curves.

Another body type that is desired by all women is the hourglass. The figure with the model shapes, shoulders and hips are symmetrically located to each other, the main characteristic feature is a deep waistline. Ladies with this type of figure will look great in any dress model. Both simple and fitted as well as with a flared bottom will be perfect. Are you the owner of such a figure? When looking for a lace dress, focus on those that hug your natural shapes, you can also choose between 60s-style outfits that emphasize the waist.

Ladies with an H-shaped figure have a straight silhouette, i.e. one devoid of rounded, typically feminine shapes. When planning to buy a lace dress, look for the most inconspicuous ones. Figures in the shape of the letter “H” will look beautiful in flared cuts with a narrow top, which will give the silhouette a sexy look. In this case, the neckline should also be emphasized, lace dresses with a rounded neckline or a heart-shaped neckline will be welcome here. The length of the dress itself is also important, with midi cuts, i.e. creations with an average length above the knee, being the most suitable.

Finally, women with an inverted triangle figure. You’ve probably already guessed what this type of figure is characterized by. Ladies have a problem with broad shoulders and narrow hips, so you should strive to balance out the disturbed proportions by choosing the right clothes. Stylists advise women with this type of figure to choose dresses with a typical trapezoidal shape, i.e. those with a narrow top and a wider bottom.

Complete the styling with subtle accessories

Once you manage to buy a properly fitted lace dress, take care of the accessories. Lace is a material that does not need too much to look good and elegant, which is why we advise you to focus on total minimalism in this particular case. Follow the golden advice of world-renowned stylists – “less is more”. Bet on subtle and delicate accessories that will not be conspicuous, avoid wearing heavy earrings, bracelets and pendants.

The handbag should be small, preferably in the same shade as the shoes, nude shades are still fashionable. Excess of ornaments and colors will overshadow all the charm of lace and additionally may give the impression of a slightly shoddy styling. Fashion, although sometimes extravagant, nowadays focuses primarily on minimalism and simplicity.

Remember, the creation does not have to be expensive to make you look good in it, it is important to match it to your individual features. Now that you know what type of figure you have, you are fully aware of your shapes, the search for the perfect lace creation will certainly be a complete success.


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