Dom opieki - jakie dokumenty są potrzebne do otrzymania w nim miejsca?

Nursing home – what documents are needed to get a place in it?

Aktualizacja 24 November 2022

Nursing home – what documents are needed to get a place in it? A social care home, or DPS, is an institution that is responsible for providing round-the-clock care, food, but also assistance in all activities that cause difficulties for a given person. These are mainly the elderly, people struggling with diseases or people with disabilities.

Residents of a nursing home are not able to live on their own. DPS also offers them participation in occupational therapy and rehabilitation classes that aim to improve their fitness and health. A nursing home is sometimes the only solution to provide our loved one with professional care.

Who can be admitted to a nursing home?

It is a special center that is run by the local government, commune or non-governmental organization. People who need constant medical care are admitted to the nursing home. These can be seniors with disorders (senile dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, eye and stool incontinence). Patients who cannot move on their own are also admitted.

How does a nursing home work?

The nursing home guarantees round-the-clock care for its patients living there. Very often, placing an elderly family member in a Nursing Home is a necessity decided by his relatives who cannot provide him with care. The nursing home is also a place for lonely people. The center provides nursing care, as well as assistance with even the simplest activities that the elderly, sick or disabled cannot cope with.

How can I get a place in a care home?

At the very beginning, you need to submit an application to the social welfare center competent for the place of residence of the person who wants to get a place there. The application may be submitted by the person concerned, a family member, a poviat family support center or a statutory representative. Once the application is delivered to the center’s social worker, he or she will conduct an environmental interview. Its task is to check the situation of the person applying for a place in a nursing home. So, he will take into account your income, family and personal circumstances. It is also important to collect the appropriate documentation, only then the center will issue a decision on referral to a social care home. The completed documentation together with the center’s decision is then delivered to the poviat family support center,

The social worker will provide us with all the necessary information, his task is also to complete all documentation. So what will we need to award a place to DPS?

  • retirement and disability pension decision or the granting of a permanent benefit
  • a medical certificate on the need to provide round-the-clock care of the person applying for a place in a social care home
  • an environmental interview, which was carried out at the place of residence of the person, as well as confirmation of the impossibility of providing care by the closest family or commune
  • a certificate from a psychiatrist about the ability or lack of ability to make decisions
  • medical certificate of health
  • asset declaration
  • current results of medical examinations
  • opinion of a psychologist
  • opinion of the social welfare center covering the fitness level of the person who wants to live in the nursing home
  • statements about the income of the person applying for a place in a social care home and the income of the family who is obliged to pay the fee for the stay
  • certificate of disability
  • consent to the processing of personal data
  • written consent of the person applying for a place in the Social Care Center or the legal guardian to deduct the payment for the stay by the competent pension and social welfare body from the benefit

When all the documentation is ready, the manager of the Social Welfare Center will issue a decision on referral to a nursing home and determine the payment for the stay. Importantly, the stay is paid up to the average cost of living in a given year. The patient pays for the stay in this place, up to a maximum of 70 percent of his income, taking into account only the costs of his living. Other costs are borne by OPS.

What does a nursing home offer?

The social care home guarantees accommodation, full board, assistance with everyday activities, footwear, cleaning products and clothing. In addition, the employees of this place help their patients with personal matters, as well as with daily care. The center also provides its residents with participation in educational and rehabilitation activities.
If we want to provide our loved one with a place in such a place, we should go to the local social welfare center at the very beginning. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get a place in a nursing home, and the waiting time is at least several months. Of course, it is best that the DPS is located as close to our place of residence as possible, but sometimes places are awarded in more distant centres.

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