Jak wyczyścić sztuczne kwiaty z kurzu?

How to clean artificial flowers from dust?

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

How to clean artificial flowers from dust? Flowers bring freshness to every apartment. More and more people decide not only to have a few flowers on the windowsill, but even whole shelves full of flowers. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to regularly care for live flowers or provide them with the right conditions for development. Live plants require regular watering, fertilization and repotting. We need space to care for them, as well as various accessories that also take up space in the apartment. An additional problem is emerging pests and diseases.

It is also necessary to provide them with the right conditions for development: access to light, appropriate intensity of sunlight, appropriate air humidity … The list of related responsibilities is very long. In addition, the current fast lifestyle is not conducive to plant care. Fortunately, there is also a solution for very busy or often traveling people – these are artificial flowers. Certainly many of us associate them with stiff plastic, which shines with kitsch from a distance. Fortunately, those times are over. Currently, there are many flowers on the market made of plastic that imitate real life counterparts incredibly well. Their similarity is so great that often you can see the difference just by touching the leaves. Depending on our preferences, we can buy an artificial plant in a pot or a bouquet of flowers imitating cut flowers, which we put in a vase. In stores we will also get a variety of bouquets, wreaths, garlands or single flowers. The choice is so huge that we are limited only by our imagination.

How to care for artificial flowers?

Artificial flowers are very easy to care for. In fact, the only thing we have to do to make them please the eye for a long time is to find them the right position and regularly clean them of dust. As for the position, it is basically any, as long as it is not too sunny. The scorching rays of the sun can discolor the plant, causing it to fade after a long time. This phenomenon can be observed, for example, on the graves of our loved ones, when after a few months of exposure to atmospheric factors, artificial chrysanthemums no longer enjoy the same color as at the beginning. Outside, we have no way to control the sun, but in our own home we can. So avoid placing artificial plants on heavily sunny window sills. If you absolutely want to have them on the south side, try to ensure a minimum distance of one meter from the window. These are actually the only limitations when it comes to where such flowers are stored in our home. Artificial plants are ideal for dark rooms or rooms with no access to light – for example, a bathroom without windows. When it comes to caring for them, all we have to do is wipe the dust off them. Like all items in the apartment, artificial flowers collect dust. This can be partially reduced by spraying them with a rinse aid, which, in addition to providing a nice visual effect, also ensures less dust accumulation on the plant. How to clean such flowers when we want to remove dust from them?

Blowing with a stream of air

This method works best when the dust is removed on a regular basis and a large layer of it has not accumulated. The most effective way will be to use compressed air, but not everyone has it at home. Such a can of air can be purchased in most hypermarkets. As an alternative, you can use a strong airflow from a hair dryer. However, it is essential to remember to use only winter ventilation, because a stream of warm air could dissolve the glue and even melt the plastic. However, what to do when we have more dust on our plant, and this method turned out to be ineffective?

Wipe the plant with a brush

This is a method for accurate and patient people. It is enough that we have a brush with quite delicate bristles at home. It is good that it is also precise so that it can reach the nooks and crannies of the plant. This method simply wipes the leaves and artificial flower heads with a brush. You can also buy special brushes for this purpose in stores, but it is worth using what we have at home.

Wipe with wet wipes or a wet cloth

This method, similarly to the above one, is directed rather to patient people who do not have a lot of plants to clean. It consists in wiping the flowers with a wet cloth or wet wipes. This should be done without the use of any detergents. The method is effective, but requires great accuracy in operation, because such a cloth can be difficult to reach all the elements. To make this process easier, it’s a good idea to try to break the plant down into smaller parts if possible.

Cleaning in the shower

This is the simplest method, which is most often chosen by owners of a larger number of artificial plants. Just take them in the shower and rinse with a strong stream of water. However, you need to watch its temperature, because too hot water could dissolve the glue or melt the plastic.

After such cleaning procedures, we can finish the whole plant by shining the plant with the purchased preparation, if we see such a need.

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