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How to open a car workshop?

Aktualizacja 24 January 2023

How to open a car workshop? Many little boys dream of becoming car mechanics in the future. Some of them make their dreams come true, although it must be noted right away that this profession requires a passion for technology and mechanics. Many of them also manage to open their own car repair shops, where they can pursue not only professionally, but also business.

Setting up your own workshop very often allows you to spread your wings and earn much better money than, for example, while working full-time. What should you do to open your own car service?

Appropriate education and experience

On the labor market, we can meet both mechanics with specialized education, as well as people who learned the trade right away from the practical side. In our country, future employees of car workshops are taught by mechanical schools . We can get the professional title of a car mechanic, painter or electromechanic. If we want to open our own good car workshop in the future, we should, after finishing primary school, choose a technical school or a vocational school teaching in this field. The profession of a mechanic is not particularly regulated in Poland, therefore, we do not necessarily need appropriate education to perform it. As in most professions, what counts here is craftsmanship and appropriate experience.

Being young mechanics, we should not immediately throw ourselves into deep water and open our own business right after school. A much better solution is to gain relevant experience in another workshop. We can also choose to complete an internship at one of the authorized new car service stations. Thanks to this, we will have the opportunity to see how the organization of a car repair shop and working with people looks like. We will also gain invaluable experience in car mechanics, which we will be able to use in the future. Although the car school has many hours of practice in its program, it focuses largely on theory. Working full-time, we have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge, which is definitely more important in the profession of a mechanic. The first thing you need to do to open a car repair shop.

A building suitably adapted for a workshop

If we decide to set up our own car repair shop, then we should consider where we will run our business. It should be emphasized that for efficient operation we will need the right place. The building in which we want to open a car workshop must be properly adapted. Of course – living in the city, we have the opportunity to rent such a place. Very often there are even advertisements of premises that are equipped with a channel or pneumatic lifts. Unfortunately, for a novice mechanic, it may turn out to be too expensive. The lease is quite expensive and will be a significant burden on the company’s budget each month. Having your own outbuildings around the house, it is worth considering whether it is not better to adapt one of them to a car workshop.

During the adaptation of the building for a car workshop, we will have to take care of the appropriate entrance and the construction of at least two stands. Thanks to this, we will have a chance to serve more customers and thus car repair  will be much more profitable for us . We also need to build an inspection channel or purchase a pneumatic lift. Unfortunately, lifts are very expensive, so initially it seems more reasonable to build an inspection pit. In front of the workshop building, we should also take care of a sufficiently large square where we can park cars ready for collection and waiting in the queue.

Purchase of tools and devices

If we have the appropriate experience and premises to run a car workshop, then we must purchase the tools and equipment needed to run this type of business. Unfortunately, this is associated with quite a high cost, because the equipment of car workshops is relatively expensive. If we want to provide additional services such as vulcanization and tire replacement, we also need to purchase expensive wheel balancing machines. An interesting option in our climate is also an air conditioning service. In this case, it is also necessary to purchase the appropriate equipment, with which we will review the installation and replace the refrigerant. Of course, for simple service actions such as changing the oilwe won’t need complicated tools. In the case of engine repairs or suspension of new cars, it may turn out that a set of ordinary keys is not enough. Therefore, we should be as well prepared as possible for any eventuality.


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